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Why you won't want to miss our Virtual Open Day

Attending our Virtual Open Day provides an excellent opportunity to learn more about our school and its community. The sessions are presented by our Headteacher or other senior staff who are able to answer all your questions. Normally there are between five and ten people on the call and the first 20 minutes is a presentation and you then have an opportunity to ask questions (if you would like to). We can also offer one to one follow up calls to talk to you about your requirements. Here are some of the areas we will delve into:

  • Overview of the school's mission, values, and educational approach
  • Details about the British curriculum and how it compares to other curricula taught in Geneva - including how A levels are a pathway to global university entry
  • Outlining our educational philosophy and our approach to successfully teaching French to children of all ages 
  • Information on the school's admission process, requirements, and fees
  • Details about the extracurricular activities and opportunities available to students, such as sports teams and clubs

Our Admissions Team


Lucy Howen
Head of Secondary Admissions



Alice Priestley
Head of Primary Admissions


GES is more than a school - join us online at our next Virtual Open Day to find out more

Frequently Asked Questions

Are children welcome to attend the open day?

Our Open Day is virtual, meaning that it will take place on Zoom. The content of the meeting is aimed at parents. Older children are welcome to attend.

If you would prefer, we can also organise a school tour for your family to discover our school or a one-to-one Zoom meeting. Please use the contact form to arrange this. Unlike other local schools, these tours will be for your family only and you are welcome to visit lessons, look at work, and meet staff. If you would like to arrange this then please mention it in the free text box in the enquiry form above.

We have updated our virtual tours so if you live far away, please click this link  ( to look around our amazing school.



Will it be possible to meet the headteacher or the head of the academic staff during the open day?

Our Headteacher, Mr Williams, presents the Primary and Secondary events and is happy to answer questions during them. He is also happy to show parents around. Please request this in the free text part of the sign up for and, if available, he will be happy to show you around.

Will teachers be available to answer parents' questions?

No, although the admissions team can put you in touch with teachers if you have any subject specific questions. If you would like to meet our great teachers then contact the admissions team to book a tour.


Will there be information about the application process, admission criteria and fees?

Yes, and this information is also available on the following webpages: 

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Screenshot 2023-03-17 at 12.58.10
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